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The V-PowerWasher has been especially developed to clean greenhouse roofs in the horticultural sector. This video will show you how the V-PowerWasher goes about its job.

As you can see, this unique invention was designed to move through a greenhouse gutter and clean the roofs on both sides. Because the roof cleaner operates from this ‘V’ position, it can be used under any weather conditions. And if the ventilation windows are open, when the weather is hot, short brushes may be used to wash below them!

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Ready for the future!

The V-PowerWasher is ready for the future. You will not only be washing up to 40% more productively, the thorough cleaning technology will also ensure more light to pass through, resulting in more turnover and a higher profit for your company from now on.

Thanks to the V-PowerWasher, your greenhouse roofing will last longer as well. The balanced construction of the V-PowerWasher provides an efficient spread of gravity across one greenhouse gutter. As a result, the gutter will not be overloaded, minimising the risk of glass breaking.

In addition, we make use of durable materials only, which will save on maintenance costs in the end.

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